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Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1TB Portable External Hard Drive

Today, in preparation for our course on computer backup, we will be reviewing the Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1TB Portable External Hard Drive. This external hard drive is small, lightweight and can store a ton of data. The main draw to this hard drive is the price, it... read more

When does your computer need a technician?

Now-a-days your computer contains your life, in fact, that’s not even a recent revelation. Computers contain so much information about who we are and what we do that it’s hard to imagine something going wrong with them. So what happens when something does... read more

Computer Security 101: Signs and Symptoms

So now that we know the difference between Virus’, Malware and PuPs, we can take a peek at when you should know that it’s time to go to a technician. We will also be doing the wrap-up of the series here as well. Let me start off by saying that these are... read more

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Snag It 12

Snagit 12 is one of those hidden gems on my computer, a program that goes unnoticed until it’s no longer there. Let me explain what Snagit does, it pretty much revamps the entire screenshot capability of your computer. It allows you to take pictures and videos... read more

Remain Anonymous on Google +

The giant has caved! In what seems like David vs Goliath on the internet, David (the people) have caused Goliath (Google) to back off on the requirement for real names to be used on Google+ accounts. An anonymously written (funny huh?) post stated that while Google... read more

The Definitive Guide to SEO!

A question I hear far to often is ‘How do I get my website to the top of Google?’ or the more generic ‘How can I get my website to the top of search engines?’ We are also presented with the questions ‘Do you guys do Search Engine... read more

What blog platform do you use?

Welcome to Tech Tuesday! The day where we answer your most requested tech questions so that I can stop getting asked! If you would like to submit a question to Tech Tuesdays please email them to us at plumaspc@gmail.com or submit them on our Facebook page. Today’s... read more
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